Upcoming Art Stuff

Tuesday March 4th, will be posing and drawing at Painted Tuesday (held every Tuesday at Avant Garden [411 Westheimer, upstairs] bring a sketchbook and $10, or model for free admission

Friday March 7th, I have work in a Self-portrait show in Austin at the Austin Figurative Gallery:
Self Portrait Show Flyer

here are some of the included pieces:
So check it out if you're Austin bound.


Chiho Aoshima

Coming out of the KaiKaiKiKi studio, Chiho Aoshima is a paragon of Flat Art.
Galerie Perrotin
I first saw her work while hanging it in the Blaffer Gallery. Before we even opened the crate I was excited as the name was so fun to say. Try it. Then I saw the work. Hers is a world full of beautiful zombies, living lands, and malevolent cherry blossoms. Every piece has a element of the end and beginning of a world. After a little research I found that she was an economics student (just like me) and I was hooked.
I hope to find some images of hers to post here, but for now, enjoy the above and below links.
London Underground



The oldest body of work that I still consider active (because it's certainly not finished) is my Nudesuits project. Born out of a school assignment, it was inspired by the work of Alba d'Urbano and Greg Friedler. Alba d'Urbano had a performance piece where she made a dress with the printed on pattern of her own skin, then alternatively had a model, or visitors to the art space wear it to be "In her skin." Friedler has an on-going portraiture project in which he takes pictures of the models first in their clothes, then out, and presents them side by side.

My project combines elements of each. I make a portrait in which the model appears to be wearing clothing printed with their own skin. This is a reflection of the self of the model, and also calls to the notion that clothing is the skin we present to the world. Each model is photographed in an area they are comfortable in, first clothed, then nude in the same position, then in photoshop I stitch the two together.
Crystal and Steve
Thuy and James

I currently have 12 finished images, and am hoping to one day have around 50. (as such I am seeking models) Particular images I would like to get if possible would be a tuxedo (maybe even a couple in their wedding outfits), Rollerderby players, a Burka, and a swimsuit, although it is the subject's choice of course.

This work has been feature in Bizarre Magazine (June '07) and should be featured again soon.

Upcoming Schedule

I'm going to try to keep to a regular schedule for the next few weeks, to establish a starting point:
Mondays: Body of Work- I discuss and give examples of one of my many projects
Wednesday: Artist to Look Out For- Basically giving attention to an artist that has influenced me, or that I just like
Thursday: Upcoming Art Events (if any)
Friday: New Work- Work that I've recently finished


Adorable Canadian Actresses and Controversy

With the Oscars upon us tonight, I've been bugged recently by the "controversy" surrounding the movie Juno. The crux of the argument is that as the titular pregnant teen doesn't get an abortion that the movie is thrusting a pro-life agenda down the audiences gullets. This, to put it simply, is ludicrous. And the idea that the movie may miss out on well deserved recognition for Ellen Page and Diablo Cody because of this manufactured controversy is appauling.

Firstly, she does consider an abortion and goes to the clinic only to be turned wigged out by the general disrepair and lackadaisical attitude she finds within. That coupled with scientifically incorrect information that she gets a misinformed protester leads her to have the baby. Not keep the baby like in Knocked Up and Waitress, both of which are also named in this perceived blitz by pro-lifers, but give up the baby to a childless couple.

Which leads to the Crux of my argument. This is a movie ABOUT teen pregnancy. Juno's pregnancy is the main plot point of the entire story. If we apply the argument of the nay-sayers to this year's Goliath favorite There Will Be Blood then we would be complaining about how Plainview was an oilman instead of looking for bio-fuel.

Let writers write a real story. Don't just backlash because realistic characters make a difficult decision.


*Lame beginning joke

Hi, this is an art blog, and as such it will touch on my own art (photography, knitting, sculpture, writing, drawing) and on others, with show reviews (maybe?) comic (sequential art) yappiness and other things as they strike me.

My name is Matthew Glover, and I'm an artist living in Houston, TX. You can see some of my work here: http://themightysven.carbonmade.com though I should update it some.

anyway, let's see where this goes...

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