Down in Fraggle Rock

If one arranges the characters of Fraggle Rock against the Hindi cosmology, then an interesting relationship might be noticed

The Gorgs, being the growers, can be identified with Brahma the creator. (this is further stressed by how, if they can't grow radishes anymore they will disappear)
The Doozers, being the constructors and maintainers, can be identified with Vishnu.
The Fraggles, being all chaotic and dancey and destructive of both the Gorgs' radishes and the Doozers' radish structures, can be identified with Shiva.


Establishing Shot

Establishing Shot

Everything is part of its own epic. This is the Credo that shapes this Body of Work. All candid pictures, they have been rendered slightly into a drawing style to evoke a more "created" appearance to the image. Then speech or thought bubbles, iconic tools of Sequential Art, are added to imply a narrative. The Name of this Body of Work also harkens to Sequential Art, specifically the technique of starting a story with a grand image and beginning in Medias Rae.
I've decided I no longer love her
This is never going to work
I'm scared of the quiet
I accept this waiting with stoic fanaticism
If I get there, I'm never coming back


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